How to use LiveSupporti REST API

Posted on Mar 04, 2016 14:40

You can use the LiveSupporti REST API and create integrations with your systems.




Each request to the API must use HTTP Basic authentication over HTTPS, providing your sign in email as username, your API key as password and start with

For example if you want to get all agents from your account you need to make a request to with your email and your API key.


Your API key can be found after you sign in and click on the top right of your screen (next to your photo) > click Profile






You must authenticate for all requests with the following format: email:API key

You can send your authentication credentials by adding Authorization field to the header of the request which should be constructed as follows:

- combine your email and your API key into a string separated by a colon, e.g.:
- encode the resulting string using Base64
- add the string Basic before the encoded string

The filed Authorization should look simething like this:

Authorization: Basic bXl3ZWJzaXRlQG1haWwuY29tOm15cGFzc3dvcmQ=




Response format


LiveSupporti returns data in JSON format (Content-Type:application/json; charset=utf-8) and responds to successful requests with HTTP status codes in the 200 range and to unseccessful requests with HTTP status codes in the 400 range.