Auto messages with conditions

Posted on Mar 07, 2016 08:54

Sometimes you may want to display an auto message to your website visitors only when they're browsing a specific page.

You can use different conditions like EqualNot EqualContains and Does Not Contain.

For example, you can say "Show an auto message to all visitors who are browsing pages on my website that contains the word 'product'." Then when your visitors are browsing pages like:,, will see your auto message.


You can create an Auto message with conditions by following the steps below:

1. Sign in and click on Settings > Auto messages > Add auto message.

2. Enter the Sender of the message and the Message you want to be displayed to your visitors.

3. Select Use on specific page.

4. Select the condition of the Page.

5. Enter page's URL.

6. Enter the time interval in Show it after and click Save